[Play] For the past 2+years I’ve been learning and playing my way through Guitar World magazine’s top 100 solos of all time, and now I’m finished. This is #1. Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin with Stairway to Heaven.

#1 Stairway to Heaven – Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin https://youtu.be/ewHktRLfTgY

Hey everyone! Well here we are. Finally finished this bloody thing! Took a few weeks. Like about 120 of them.

I’m legitimately surprised that it took me so long, but In hindsight, that’s not too bad actually. As I did about 115 solos for this project, that works out to about one per week to learn, practice and record. Coupled with the last 60 or so writing commentaries for each.

But today it comes to an end with Stairway to Heaven at #1. No surprise there. Arguably the most famous and well known guitar solo ever put down. Do I agree with it being number 1? I’d have to say yes. I think it deserves the spot. In my mind it would either have to be this one, Eruption or Hotel California. I’d have a hard time deciding.

While Eruption is the most technically challenging of the 3, and changed the game as far as guitar solos went, Stairway and Hotel California are 2 of the most perfect and tightly constructed solos ever put down. Hotel California is actually down at #8 and I think that’s too low for that one. It should be top 3.

I recorded this one on Bias FX2 Pro, using a classic Marshall Plexi setup with an overdrive boost for the solo. I also double tracked the solo for a bit of extra oomph. A touch of chorus, delay and reverb. I may have overcooked the reverb a bit I think, but oh, well. Gives it a bit more of a live feel.

And for the purists out there, I know that it’s documented that Jimmy used a Telecaster for this solo, but he’s so well known for using a Les Paul, I thought that I’d go with the Gibson for this one.

Gonna keep this train going now that I’m finished this project, with the top 50 most underrated, underappreciated and unknown (relatively) solo in history. Should get a start on that in a week or two. Just want to thank you guys for all of the great suggestions you gave me to add to this list. I’m getting it narrowed down.

Well, that’s it. Done and dusted. It’s been great fun and you lot have been amazing and incredibly supportive, and I thank you!

Keep banging on the strings in our never ending quest to get better. I will.

Cheers , KDA

#If you’re new to r/guitar, like I said, I’ve been at this a while and this sub is this projects home since it’s beginning in April of 2018. I’ll drop a playlist here if you would like to check out the list. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxgAjMefDXE2UUH1O2CH29UCvRTgSd3qO

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