In “Bruce Almighty”, Morgan Freeman’s character is actually Satan, not God

The entire premise of the movie is that Bruce grew to hate God and then was given incredible powers to prove that being the almighty is harder than it looks.

But look at the situation objectively. Satan would see a much greater opportunity in a mortal growing to hate God. That would allow him to tempt and manipulate the person far more than normal. Not only that, but God is supposed to be omnipotent whereas the being that Bruce met had clear limitations (particularly related to free will).

The things that Bruce used his powers for also make me question if they came from God. He made a monkey crawl out of a guy’s ass (then jump back in) and in a deleted scene, fucking[ lit Even Baxter on FIRE]( with a look of pure maliciousness.

Bruce’s abuse of his powers eventually caused^^^ the city to descend into absolute chaos. I just highly doubt that God would allow so many people to get hurt just because one single news anchor had a crisis of faith. The story makes more sense if you think of Morgan Freeman’s character as an evil genie giving Bruce exactly what he wishes for and taking pleasure in the chaos that ensues.

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